A rant about my generation.


We have all the opportunity in the world to be the greatest generation humanity has ever seen to this point but there is one weakness that is holding us back and that is our fore found sense of entitlement. We believe just because the country you are born in you are entitled to a certain way of life, just because the wealth of your family you are entitled to a better life, just because of the degree on your diploma you are entitled to a dream job. Well that is not the case in reality. We young people think everything is eventually going to be handed over to us and we will never have to any actual grunt work for a life well lived. I feel we get that attitude from our parents who come from the baby boomer generation. Our parents never really had a hard life up until these times and they are paying for it now with the uncertainty of the retirement that was supposedly promised to them. Our parent’s parents or our grandparents in fact did experience a hard life. Our grandparents lived through the Great Depression and World War 2 and for the most part they did not cause any of the problems that led to those events rather they were the generation that fixed things and made the world a better place for their children which is our parents. Our grandparents built the highway system, put a man on the moon, and made college a priority for their children. Our grandparents learned how to spend money wisely and seek peace rather than war in international relations (for the most part after WWII). They passed on their wealth to their children, and because our parents never experienced a hard life at the beginning, they never learned how to spend money wisely since they did not have to. Almost all of the problems in today’s world have been caused by the baby boomer generation, or our parents and it is up to us to fix things. It bothers me that certain jobs are too good for us. We are afraid to do grunt work. We are wimps. Life is not easy, get used to it. You will never get fulfillment from a status quo life anymore. You will never know how the real world operates unless you do the grunt work at the beginning. You cannot learn how the real world operates from any teacher or textbook. I see many people in my generation who are way above holding a job while in college, who think certain jobs like truck driving are only for the lowest class of people. We do not see opportunity when it presented to our faces because we judge certain opportunities as a step back. A job in of itself at McDonalds may not lead anywhere but it is an opportunity to move laterally to jobs that pay better and offer more fulfillment. I think getting a job is one of the easiest things to accomplish, yet the unemployment rate for young people is embarrassing. You will go through rejection but your skills will get better with rejection. Almost everybody has a phase in their life where they cannot get an interview, they graduate to the phase where they can’t get a job offer, than they get to the phase where they can’t get a good job offer and then decide to create their own job to solve the problems of the world. Most people learn how to get comfortable, settle, become passive, and never get to that last phase of wanting to create your own job, your own business and your own creation. There are those in my generation who think perhaps bigger government and more taxation is the answer to our problems. The government really only has one role in the big picture and that is to be the entity that has a monopoly on the legitimate use of violence, that’s it. In most cases the government is merely the middle man between private industry and taxation which is a form of forced labor. All your taxes minus the government employee salaries and the costs of extravagant lifestyles of our politicians go back to private industry or are simply wasted. Why do we need a middle man that uses violence to force labor upon us? I think wealth can be better redistributed through the advancement of technology and science, but many people in our society want to go backward and have larger governments than are needed. Technology and science will advance to the masses via entrepreneurship and hard work, but if we are lazy we will never advance as humans to bigger and brighter things.



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