Eastbound and down…. Why I recommend trucking


I decided a year ago that I would never be happy unless I lived a nomadic life. I want to create things and start businesses on a routine basis but to do that I need some seed money and I also want to be nomadic at the same time. Traveling is my true passion and I would be happy doing it as a complete bum if I had to. But I am not quite at the bum level yet since I still have resources. One resource I have is a Commercial Drivers Licence (CDL) which I earned after quitting from a four year stint in the airline industry. So after a phone call I quickly get a job offer and for the summer and until the first snow hits I plan to be trucking and then I will go back overseas to spend time on my entrepreneur stints. If I can’t get a business going overseas again I will just go back to trucking and try again until I get a sustainable business going that can be managed remotely.  There are a number of reasons why I love trucking as an interim job and here are 6.



1) First of all you get to travel and change your scenery on a daily basis.  If traveling is truly in your blood than you will love truck driving. If traveling is not in your blood then go back to your 9 to 5 gig for a mediocre life.


2) The pay is performance based. The one thing I hated about my previous jobs is that your earnings did not reflect how hard you worked, they reflected the time you spent working. The better driver you are the more you will get paid.


3) There is a plateau obviously in trucking but the plateau in pay is around six figures. Most six figure jobs require grad school or many years of experience before you hit six figures. With trucking you can get a CDL for around $3000 and be at the top of the pay scale in five years.


4) The cost of living goes way down as a trucker. Get rid of your house and car since you don’t need that to be a trucker or a nomad. Live in the truck, shower for free at truck stops, and buy groceries as needed . Only traveling job in America where your cost of living can be $10 a day or lower.


5) The earnings can be nearly tax free if you do it right. Almost all your expenses out on the road can be counted as per diem under tax rules. Per diem is not taxed. All of your living expenses should be under per diem and the rest should be put into tax-free investments and business expenses if you’re smart.  There is a technicality in the tax code that makes this illegal if you don’t maintain a residence but that is okay for me as long as I am small fish and the IRS does not read this blog.


6) The job market is great for truckers. You can be trucking half the year and traveling for pleasure the other half of the year if you wanted. As long as you are a safe driver, all it takes is a phone call for a job offer. You can quit , travel, and be back at work quick if you wanted to.

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