24 habits I’ve learned in 24 years.


I’ve been on this earth for 24 years and here are 24 habits I live by in no particular order.

1) Recognize hard work: When someone especially in the service industry goes above and beyond for what they are paid for never forget to leave a good tip.


2) Don’t be a picky eater: We all have preferences in what we eat but I believe to live by this saying because you never know you might like something you have never tried.


3) Have a creative outlet: Writing is my outlet, but I believe everybody should express themselves in a creative outlet whether it be art, music, or film. It is a liberating feeling to get your creative side out to the world even if it is just your friends that pay attention.


4) Don’t hold grudges: The most powerful thing a human can ever do is forgive somebody for their shortcomings. Never be afraid to talk to your enemies to find a common ground.


5) Learn on your own: Formal education has one purpose and that is teach you how to learn not what to learn. You should learn what you are truly interested in.


6) Listen to everyone: Never be offended, seek out all of the information you can hear, whether it be from someone completely different from you or not.  But most important listen more than you speak.


7) Travel Often: By traveling you find yourself and much more you can ever dream of.


8) Be a minimalist: The more you have the more you need to maintain.


9) Worried? Have another beer: When you don’t know what to do next in your life alcohol seems to do the trick.


10) Enjoy everything in moderation, and that includes moderation: Self explanatory but don’t be afraid to indulge once in while on things you love.


11) When in Rome…: Try local customs whether it be football in Spain, Vodka in East Europe, or Spicy food in Thailand


12) Live in the moment: Learn from the past but don’t obsess about it,  have a  rough plan for the future but spend most of your energy on what is happening right now in your life.


13) Embrace and recognize your weaknesses: By recognizing your weaknesses you can learn what your strengths are. Weaknesses are what set us apart


14) Be an expert at your trade: Even if you hate your current job there is no reason not to have a strong work ethic. Learn everything you possibly can when you spend your time at work.


15) Be adaptable: There will be a million forks in the road of life, some paths may look better from a distance but as you get closer the unexpected path might be better for you. Nobody can really predict where they will be in five years. In fact I can’t even predict where I will be in five months. I suggest just go with the flow and be willing to make changes on the fly. From my experience amazing things have always happened.


16) Laughter is the best medicine: bahahahaha works best in any situation.


17) Don’t carry a watch: In fact don’t carry anything that gives you information such as a cell phone or a watch. If you are addicted to machines, make no mistake you will be a slave to that machine.


18) Be on time: Even if your acquaintances are the ones that are always late, be the one that is always on time and you will have the advantage at the most unexpected times.


19) Give favors: If somebody asks you for something always comply, as most often that favor will be returned at the most unexpected time.


20) Remember the people who believe in you before you believe in yourself: Don’t forget the people who gave you encouragement before you decided what to do with your life as they are the inspiration behind your successes in life.


21) Surround yourself with more talented people: You can’t be good at everything so why not learn from people that are better at particular domains than you. I like finding people that are really good at communicating or have a flair for desgin as I consider those to be my primary weaknesses.


22) Surround yourself with positive thinking people: Negative energy flows to negative consequences. Choose your friends wisely, the pessimistic ones are the ones that will kill you over time.


23) Life is simple, have fun: Go thru life doing the things you love and spending your time with like minded people. It does not need to be any more complicated than that.

24) Smile: At the end of the day you just have to laugh at the things you have done and say wow what a ride :)

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