What’s on the Horizon


Near Term Plan: Cambodia or Malaysia

Next up: Australia for a year

Long Term: Back to college to learn everything about programming.



Malaysia is expensive for SE Asia standards but I overheard a friend telling me how he sold his US two dollar bill for $20 in Penang. Well long story short a facebook post about it turned into a possible business partnership with a former airline co-worker. We think we could possibly start a import-export business based on products we can find in SE Asia and sell in the United States. I’ll be the SE Asia side and he will be the US side of the operation. Well I don’t know when he is coming over to Penang to try our $2 bill experiment but when he does I hope I can find a partner with my same mindset in the entrepreneur realm side of my life. Cambodia is merely a backup plan until I can get some paperwork together for my next destination which is Australia. Cambodia is cheap and has plenty of opportunities for westerners to work under the table in the hospitality industry. But Australia has a special visa for those under 30 who are from the United States and European countries that allows people to work in Australia for up to a year on a part-time basis. The minimum wage in Australia is $16 per hour. Plus Australia is roaring with tech startups right now that need participants. I’m not looking for a job in tech, I’m looking for a mentor. I have a great idea that may revolutionize the way people travel but I lack the tech skills to make it reality. There is a startup based in Australia that has an idea very similar to mine but does not see the whole potential of it. I will try to have a face to face meeting with an insider to this startup to see if I can get directly involved in the business development side of things. If that does not work I might as well learn all of the tech skills needed to make my idea into a reality. So i will go back to college in possibly the United States temporary while I learn skills that I need. I am already learning coding but the free resources available have their limitations that a college could supplement. I don’t know how the import-export gig will work out, I don’t know how much I can develop my website with the resources I can learn for free, so might as well have a long term plan that is adaptable.

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  1. College in the U.S.?! Nooooo! Foreigners can study for free in Taiwan.

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