Find your inner child


There is a method to how they train elephants in India. When the elephant is young a strong rope is tied around the elephant’s leg to keep the elephant from moving. As the elephant grows older and bigger the rope gets weaker and weaker. By the time the elephant is fully grown only a thin rope is placed around the elephant. Physically the elephant can easily break away from the rope but mentally the elephant has always been brought up to believe that escape from the rope is not possible . I feel that kids today are brought up the same way. Parents shelter kids too much and as a result they spend much of their time inside instead of exploring the neighborhood and learning how to take risks for themselves. I thankfully did not have parents that kept a rope around my ankles. I even hear stories as a toddler of me walking away from the house to go play at a nearby school or park by myself. As a kid I would go out after dark and just walk around the neighborhood; I never had a curfew, and I never got into trouble that I couldn’t run away from. I even explored Denver via the public transit when I was as young as 11 by myself. Now, I am not afraid to go anywhere or take any risks and as a result of this fearlessness of the world I have a really happy lifestyle living where I want to live and working on what I want to work on. Just think of it like this, as an infant you can explore your immediate surroundings, as a toddler you can explore your backyard, as a kid you can explore your neighborhood, as a teen you can explore your town, and as an adult you can explore the world. Don’t ever be afraid to live your life outside of the ordinary, just remember that rope is all a mentality there is nothing physically keeping you from following your dreams. My inner child wanted to explore the world and now I am.


Ways to Be Average

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