Traveling to every country in the world.


Goal: Travel to every country of the world.


There are more people that have climbed Everest than this. There are more people that have become billionaires than this. There are more people that have become heads of state than this. There are more people that have been to space than this. It is the ultimate travelers marathon. The ultimate jackpot. I believe it is not that hard to visit every country of the world if you dedicate your time to it. Rich people have done it. Poor people have done it. The youngest person on record who achieved this was 29 years old. Even people from India have done this and they need a pre-arrival visa for almost every country. I have no excuse.

The Parameters
You have to go off of some list. Some people estimate there are up to 300 country’s in the world. I plan to go off of the UN list which has 193 countries. I don’t believe just a stop at an airport would ever cut it as being there, so I believe either a passport stamp, or in the case of Europe a night in a hotel/hostel would be sufficient effort per country.

The world is dangerous, don’t you worry about safety?

Yes, and no. I don’t like to have an opinion about any place on earth unless I have actually been there. I hear too many travelers saying they will never go this country for this reason and I call that bullshit. Unless you have actually been there I don’t believe how you can possibly have a opinion about a certain place. As long as you do a little planning there is no reason to worry about safety  Be creative. For Afghanistan I’m not saying you have to go to Kandahar I’m just saying you need a passport stamp. For Somalia, nobody said Mogadishu, anything counts as long as you have that stamp.

You don’t really experience a country with just a stamp

It’s not about the destination as any true traveler can understand. The mission here is about the journey more than anything else. It is about achieving something few people have ever done. Traveling gives you the ideas and confidence to achieve much more than another passport stamp. Travel enlightens your very soul into discovering who you truly are. When I start hiring employees in my businesses I won’t ask their education level, I will ask how many country’s have they been to and see their passport as their diploma. The same is true to me I will achieve self-development by pursing this goal.

My strategy

You have to solve every problem as it comes at you. My current problem is attaining an income stream that will allow me to work just about anywhere. I am working on developing and promoting a travel website that will be automated so when I am in certain far flung places I can continue to make money without doing almost anything to maintain my income. It’s simple create a business that can be automated and all you have to focus on is the growth aspect of the business. After that it is just one country at a time. I’m already out of the United States and I don’t plan on returning in the foreseeable future, I don’t care if I have to hitchhike the entire planet, living off of scraps, and just camping I am going to complete this goal or die trying.


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