Top 5 Billionaires to listen to.

If you’re looking for wisdom and new ideas to develop your lifestyle sooner or later you will find some get-rich-quick schemes. Sometimes you will even come across one that sounds very convincing and even shares some good ideas but they are always trying to sell the bigger picture through an ebook or through some other way. Yes the people who are promoting the get-rich-quick scheme make the idea sound really good and they may even seem rich themselves but chances are they tried the idea they are promoting and they failed at it so instead they are making money of promoting a bad idea. There is no such thing as being able to get rich quick through a formula that can be drawn out. Gaining wealth requires a lot of passion, persistence, and hard work. I try to listen to everything I can, even the scam artists but I obviously stop short when they ask for money. The best advice in the world is generally free, or perhaps in the form of a low cost book that you can read for free anyway at a library or bookstore. There are people out there that really want other people to be successful for no favors asked. There are some billionaires that offer very good advice on entrepreneurship and succeeding in life so why not listen to them instead of these get-rich-quick fraudsters. Here is a list of 5 billionaires that generally offer great advice, but you need to see the big picture and apply their principles to your own life.

1) Richard Branson

2) Warren Buffet

3) Steve Jobs

4) Donald Trump

5) Bill Gates

Why these people?

Granted these are some of the most popular billionaires but few people actually listen to what they have to say or read their books. They all generally advise that you  have to really love what you do to make money off of an enterprise. If you think just about the money you are never going to be big, but if you work hard on something you really love doing and persist through the failures and bad times eventually something will spark and ignite a revolution where you are the creator and beneficiary to.

My Passion and Advice

I love everything about traveling. I love hotels, I love hostels, I love trains, planes. and buses, I even love when things go wrong while traveling. That is my passion, that is what I hope I can grow an empire from. This blog is not about travel, it is about starting an empire that is based off my passion of travel.  Stop what you’re doing right now, follow your true dream whatever that may be, and success will follow, believe me it’s just true.

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